The Namib

There is a vast space inside of me.
Created in the heart of the Namib desert.
On a night so dark that you could feel it.
A night so quiet that you could hear it.
Where I was one with everything.
I could not see where I ended
and infinity began.
Where the stars were so bright
that you could reach into the Milky Way, stir the pond with your fingers.
In this space I stand humbled.
Star dust reaching out to star dust.


The Knight

The knight, weary and battle scarred
Drops his heavy armour to the ground
He builds a fire without a single word
Exhaling, bends his tired knees to sit
He waits
No more will he go out from this place
No more bloody battles will he fight
No more conquering and subjecting
No more creating of wealthy empires
He waits
One by one they come and sit
Staring at the old wrinkly hermit sage
Speaking soft words of quiet wisdom
The fire reflecting in his eyes