I’m still here

Your pure cotton shirt catches the wind,
unfurling a sail on a mediterranean road. With a bright sunny nonchalant freedom
you toss away words, happy apple cores.
Be yourself, share yourself, be vulnerable,
each a final testament of an impossibility.
I cast a smile at your brown eagle eyes,
the warrior in me bravely chiseling away.
Faggot, sissy, stop crying, be a real man. The child feebly asks you for compassion,
as he blundering tries to heal old wounds.

I Am A Battlefield 

I see my fingers unfurl like a flower
Planting my banner in battle blood
I see the empty bowls of my hands
Plunging into water crystal pure
I see black birds circling like a wind
Calling peace down their hollow beaks

My companion, silence, waits for me
Knowledge speaks to me in silence
Wisdom finds his way through carnage
Enlightenment climbs steps of wisdom
Peace takes the hands of enlightenment
On this battlefield of blood and self